Canal Fnac v2


here is the second version of the digital signage channel for promoting Ticketmaster event placed at the sale points in fnac all around spain.

once again being dynamic as it is, we used flash technology to gather the necesary data directly from the Ticketmaster server. texts and images. that is actualy the reason i chose to use the images at thier real size just as they appear on the website, to make the design of all animations

down here u can see a video simulation i did while planning this project.

here you can see images taken in Fnac Areans (next to placa EspaƱa. Barcelona) were they broadcast the vertical version i did for the same contents.

Canal Fnac, Digital Signage Canal Fnac, Digital Signage

this project is accompanied with this web site where u can follow it in real time, and see what is being broadcast at the different cities around Spain